Over the past two years, our team has developed qualifications standards and training programmes to help young women and men build their skills to access employment opportunities in the green economy.

Here’s how:

We develop competency-based curricula for TVET institutions, especially for the renewable energy and agriculture sectors. So far, 30 institutions are using the newly-developed training packages and the teachers have built their capacities to adopt competency-based training approaches.

Why skills development?

Young women and men are likely to increase their employability if equipped with skills that meet a rapidly changing demand from the modern labour market.

However, the TVET system in Zimbabwe has not yet proved its full capacity to keep pace with industry’s changing needs in a green economy. As a result, emerging occupations often go unfilled.

What did we do?

This project strengthened professional training institutions and community-based skills development initiatives in Zimbabwe in two ways:

  • Through the development of new qualifications standards and training pathways that provide access to skills for a green economy
  • By enhancing the capacity of teachers and TVET institutions to develop and deliver competency-based training and to partner with private sector to establish work-based learning programmes

Training courses being launched will help students improve their technical and business-oriented skills. While sharpening their skills, young people can become more employable and take leading roles in the transition to the green economy.

What is the long term goal?

This project supports training institutions as they design and implement new capacity-building training programmes, and revise existing ones.

These institutions provide new courses for young women and men—the future business owners and employees of Zimbabwe.

All courses are registered on the Zimbabwe National Qualifications Framework and newly-acquired skills are recognized through the involvement of relevant accreditation bodies.