Innovation and Development in ZIMBABWE

Achieving sustainable, productive green jobs through skills development, entrepreneurship promotion and responsible business practices.


What is the objective? 

The programme seeks to address high levels of youth unemployment, low levels of formal and growth-oriented enterprises, and unsustainable production processes of small and medium sized enterprises in Zimbabwe.

Who is running it?

Green enterPRIZE is being implemented by the International Labour Organization in collaboration with the Government of Zimbabwe, the Employers’ Confederation of Zimbabwe and the Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions, with support from the Government of Sweden.

It relies on the participation of Technical Vocational Education and Training (TVET) institutions, Business Development Services (BDS) and training providers, business associations, media and communication agencies, private sector development programmes, as well as public, private, and community-based learning initiatives.

Areas of intervention

Greening TVET and skills development

Intervention: The first component seeks to strengthen the capacity of TVET and professional training institutions, as well as community-based skills development initiatives, to design and implement programmes that provide business and technical skills for green jobs. As a result, young people can take an active role in greening the Zimbabwean economy, becoming more employable in the process.

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Identifying and supporting growth-oriented SMEs

Intervention: This component aims to identify green, growth-oriented enterprises through annual competitions. Winners will receive technical support to create new jobs, while improving existing ones. SMEs will expand their green products and services through a business development programme supported by strategic alliances with BDS providers and financial institutions. In the long-term, this is expected to strengthen the sustainability of enterprises and offer a business case for Zimbabwe to go green.

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Support existing SMEs in greening their processes

Intervention: The specific goal of this component is to introduce responsible management practices that, in addition to economic and productivity gains, generate positive social and environmental outcomes.

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