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Competition for the Arts in Zimbabwe

Application form

Please complete the following form to express your interest in participating. All entries should be submitted by no later than 18 August 2019. A maximum of 30 artists will be shortlisted to participate in the official competition.

1. Full Name (required)

2. Email (required)

3. Age (required)

4. Gender (required)

5. Location (required)

6. Art medium
Using fewer than 50 words, describe the art form you will use.

Competition categories are:

Visual arts: paintings, illustrations, and photographyPerforming arts: musicLiterature: poetryA combination of any of the above

7. Bio summary
Using fewer than 200 words, write a description of your relevant artistic achievements, qualifications, and highlights.

8. Attach three digital samples of your original work.

Digital image files must meet the following specifications
- JPG files only
- A4 size
- 72 DPI resolution
Audio files must meet the following specifications
- MP3